Continuous Asset Discovery & Monitoring

Maintaining a up-to-date inventory of all internet-facing assets is a challenge for most businesses. Beyond traditional IT infrastructure web technologies connecting to third-parties are often responsible to introduce new vulnerabilities and the possibility of data leakage for organisations. The continuous discovery and monitoring of internet-facing assets becomes an essential goal for every organisation.
Track all your web assets in one place
HoundER ASM creates and updates the records of all your web-facing assets, identifying vulnerabilities and giving you a comprehensive view of your attack surface as they become online.
Eliminate the risks of shadow IT
Improve your cyber security posture and eliminate risks introduced by shadow IT. Gain visibility over your exposed web-services and proactively remediate vulnerabilities.
Stay ahead of adversaries
Threat actors capabilities have evolved and they have the ability to scan the entire internet space to discover vulnerabilities in less than 1 hour. Your security capabilities must stay ahead of adversaries. HoundER ASM has been developed with that in mind, so your organisation will be the first one to know when new vulnerabilities are found in your attack surface.

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