We discuss the role of Enterprise Recon in the ever-growing digital attack surface

Attack Surface Management

HoundER Attack Surface Management Continuous Monitoring
HoundER Attack Surface Management Asset Discovery
HoundER Attack Surface Management
HoundER Attack Surface Management API Integrations
HoundER Attack Surface Management Vulnerability Notification
HoundER Attack Surface Management Web Application Scanning
HoundER Attack Surface Management Web-facing Assets
HoundER Attack Surface Management ASM
HoundER Attack Surface Management Zero Deployment
HoundER ASM Dashboard Mobile
HoundER ASM Dashboard Desktop

HoundER helps organisations of all sizes manage their exposure to external threats by discovering and continuously monitoring web-facing assets.

Attack Surface Management
Protect your web-faced assets
Discover and monitor web-exposed assets, mitigating Shadow IT risks.
Keep your security team focused
Empowering your cybersecurity team to safeguard and fortify your security posture.
Remediate critical vulnerabilities faster
Stay ahead of zero-day and misconfiguration vulnerabilities impacting critical infrastructure. Be the first to know it.
Cloud-Native solution
Agentless cloud-native security solution to give you full visibility into your AWS, Azure and GCP environment.
Attack Surface Management
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Stay ahead of adversaries

HoundER ASM empowers your organization with cutting-edge technology to conduct real-time analysis of your digital attack surface. By prioritizing vulnerabilities, we help prevent security control failures and significantly reduce the risks of potential data breaches.

The ASM Platform That Covers All Your Needs


Asset Management

Manage all your web-facing assets, domains and CIDRs in a single place

Asset Management

Comprehensive Asset Discovery

Scanning over 10k ports, discover all your newly created and exposed web services

Comprehensive Asset Discovery

Vulnerability Notification

Be the first one to know about new vulnerabilities in your environment

Vulnerability Notification

Web Application Scanning

Over 1k custom vulnerability and misconfiguration checks that goes beyond traditional CVE findings

Web Application Scanning

API Integrations

Easy to use API to integrate with your SIEM, IT Workflow and Collaboration platforms

API Integrations

Zero Deployment

A complete cloud-based solution that doesn't require any deployment in your environment

Zero Deployment
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