Attack Surface Management
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HoundER: Attack Surface Management

Driven by digital transformation and the adoption of new technologies, the expansion of enterprises’ digital attack surface have accelerated exponentially. The effects of COVID19 and decentralised workplaces, extended assets to the cloud and third-parties are contributing to an ever-growing attack surface.

HoundER ASM solution provides an adversary’s perspective of an organisation’s discoverable attack surface, enabling teams to better assess the likelihood and impact of weaknesses.
What is the external attack surface of enterprise organisations?
The external attack surface is the combination of all IT assets exposed to the internet with the objective to transport or process data, and are used by employees, customers or partners.
What is meant by Attack Surface Management ASM?
ASM is the method to proactively discover internet-facing assets and vulnerabilities that threat actors can leverage to gain the initial access to organisation’s infrastructures. It provides a complete view of exposed assets with deep insight of threats targeting them. Attack surface discovery and its continuous monitoring, combined with tailored intelligence makes ASM an indispensable tool for cyber security and risk teams.
Why organisations need an ASM solution?
Research shows that 48 hours is the average time between disclosure, patch release and vulnerability exploitation. Learning about your vulnerabilities ahead of adversaries gives you the opportunity to mitigate threats before they become real incidents.

ASM Benefits

Automated discovery of exposed services, IoT, and shadow IT assets

Be the first to know about your exposed and vulnerable web-services

Continuous security monitoring and custom vulnerability checks

Risk scoring and security ratings helps to improve your security posture

Accelerate vendor and third-party vulnerability assessment

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